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Our passion for the trade makes the difference

‘Yields resulting from growth require attention. We go for it!’

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‘Finding the best quality of a basic substance is my major challenge, which means that I travel extensively to visit suppliers throughout Europe. After a decade I may say that I know the global market well. All the same, we have to be very creative and flexible to ensure that we can avail ourselves of the right substances at the right time. And that is what makes my work so compelling.’

Arjen Postma

Managing director


+31 (0)321 336 730

‘What are the properties of basic substances and how can we ensure that they reinforce one another? Providing the answers to such questions is my specialism within Biron. In everyday practice, that boils down to logical thinking and extensive testing and analysing. I am therefore often busy mixing, dissolving and diluting known and, as yet, unknown chemicals for the development of new formulas for novel products and applications.’

Tonnis Beishuizen

Commercial manager


+31 (0)321 336 730

‘How do you show the actual contents of our products? I make sure that all packagings, ranging from small to large sizes, include appropriate labels providing correct information, so that users know exactly what the ingredients are and how they have to apply the substance. As soon as I have gathered the product information, I work out the labels on my computer, which may even be in the desired corporate style of our customer.’

Niels Piëst

Design and security staff member


+31 (0)321 336 730

‘It is my responsibility to handle sales and purchasing orders at Biron. Since I started off in Production, I know the products and processes well. In addition, I maintain contacts with transport companies. We have quite a lot of business in Poland and since I come from that country, I support the communications associated with those trading activities. Other than that, we can perfectly handle our international business in English.’

Barbara Zurko

Administrative staff member


+31 (0)321 336 730

,, I take care of the Administrative settlement of the sales order and invoice when a Customer ordered something. I like to have contact with the customer. There is a big chance that you will get me on the line when you contact us. With one press of the button I can see the history and the state of the order directly. The beauty of Biron is that we work as a team and complement each other . We really like to do everything voor de customers and help them when they need it.

Jasmijn Bos

Administrative staff member


+31 (0)321 336 730

‘Good insight into the figures ensures swift control by the management. I therefore make sure that we keep our administration up to date at all times. In addition to my financial control duties, I also take care of all matters related to accommodation and personnel. Although I do not have product knowledge, I do fulfil a sounding board function in terms of organisation.’

Ellen Postma

administrative staff member


+31 (0)321 336 730

Our great team

Production Team




The people behind Biron

Biron is a unique player in the market of special fertilisers. We are worldwide specialists when it comes to the mixing, dissolving, diluting, packaging and transporting of fertilisers. To be able to guarantee the highest possible quality, we manage the entire business chain ourselves: purchase, production, packaging, labelling and transport. Our team of employees are well trained and they know exactly what is crucial to be able to supply the quality that customers may expect from us. Thanks to our close and durable relationship with our customers we are capable of fulfilling our role as suppliers of specialties to the absolute maximum. Would you like to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact Biron and ask for one of our specialists.