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Biron makes your business grow

Biron in Dronten (Netherlands) is a fertilizers and chemicals specialist. And that is what makes Biron so special; we develop – mostly at the customer’s request – specific and innovative fertilizers for almost any application. We distinguish ourselves globally by virtue of the combination of expertise and the use of high-quality basic substances.
Our specialism: adding spore elements for plant nutrition. We thereby focus on relatively minor amounts of substances such as zinc, manganese, amino acids and iron. And we deploy advanced techniques for mixing, diluting or dissolving.

Biron, since 2005

Biron started in 2005 and has since developed into a specialist in the domain of fertilisers and chemicals. Biron has built up an excellent reputation and has secured a rapid growth in market share in markets both at home and abroad. Using a network of professional distribution companies, we serve the agricultural market in particular: horticulture, fruit growing, arable farming and the dairy industry.

Safety, environment and hygiene

Care for the environment and hygiene management is in our DNA. The ways in which we operate are anchored in strict protocols. In 2014 we invested in additional storage facilities for chemicals, raising the storage standards of the business to the highest level.

Research, in-company laboratory

We are always seeking to develop new and distinctive combinations of substances with added value. We research the possibilities for new products in our in-company laboratory; in addition, we rely on independent outside laboratories for checking materials and products. Thereafter, we test the effects of our products in field trials.

Sales, all customers have their own label

About two-thirds of our production is customer-specific, i.e. composed to meet the applications of individual customers such as distribution companies. We endeavour to translate the sales requirements of our clients into optimal products. We therefore set up an individual product range for every supplier, including a unique and identifiable label.